It’s Only Hair…..

December 8, 2016


…that’s what I said to myself whilst sitting in Jamie’s chair as she gave me a cute short bob. I haven’t had short hair since Lene was born which means long tresses for 30+ years. Hair has always been my thing and I was avoiding going short until I decided to also go grey – sometime in my 70’s or 80’s. But it was falling out and while I was promised I wouldn’t go bald, I was told that my hair would thin, and thin it has, hence the new do. I find that I’m not looking in the mirror as often lately. I am less concerned with my appearance and more concerned with checking in with my overall wellbeing.  I’m also not overly concerned with my weight or the size of my thighs. Now, I weigh myself in the morning hoping I haven’t lost more weight. Those extra 10 pounds I carried around for years…gone, plus some. Yes, my life has certainly changed.

Chemo #2 was more difficult than #1.  My infusions are usually on Monday’s and the nausea and fatigue usually don’t hit until Wednesday or Thursday.  Blood counts go down between days 7-14 and those days I am more susceptible to colds, flu and infection so I hole up in the house for two weeks. I then get a week of feeling almost normal before we begin again. Chemo #3 is scheduled for 12/19 meaning Christmas cooking this year falls to the other fantastic cooks in my family – I come out the winner on this one for sure, no qualms about turning over my kitchen.

On the medical front, Vignesh suggested we wait on scans until after chemo #3 and then do another PET to see how I am doing on this particular cocktail. If the cancer has regressed (or disappeared), we might do one more treatment or proceed to Alimta only maintenance. He is checking clinical trials and other treatment options if chemo doesn’t do the trick. All in all, this is a good report! I did have another CT on 11/18. Once again, I went to the ER with pain and once again, a pulmonary embolism was ruled out. These episodes have informed us that the tumor is not growing and my tumor markers are stable. I’m learning how do deal with the pain when it comes and am better at understanding the new intricacies involved in my medical journey.

Christmas has always been a favorite time of year and baking is one of my most favorite pastimes. Harmony and I are getting together next Wednesday for baklava, paximathia and caramel corn making so if you don’t want to miss out this year, give me a call. Jim has informed me that he cannot possibly eat all these sweets by himself so I’ll have LOTS of goodies that need a happy home.

Once again, perfect timing…baking week begins the week before chemo.

God does answer our prayers!


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