November 15, 2016


One week (+) post chemo infusion #1.

Jim and I met with Vignesh last Monday, Mala draped around my neck, going over my options. An unknown is that since one of the cell blocks from the last biopsy had been damaged, another biopsy might be needed. It has been nearly 4 months since the tumor was found. The good news is that the tumor itself has not grown and there were no signs of any new tumors in either lung.  It does look as though the pleural effusion I experienced was possibly progression. Even though the amount of fluid is too small to aspirate, and I hope that it will resolve, it still looked to Vignesh like a strong possibility of progression. And so – chemo.  My super ninja oncologist has assured me that he is continuing to look and research other options. As he said, we can stop chemo at anytime if something better comes along.

Chemo is tough. No two ways about it. My next infusion is scheduled for November 28th and 3 weeks thereafter for a total of 4 possibly 6. I will have another CT scan before #3 and again after #4.

I continue doing the more gentle therapies as well which I know are helping my body adjust and heal. I have rediscovered Qi Gong, a practice I studied in Massage School 28 years ago.  Spring Forest Qi Gong is considered a healing practice. Similar to Tai Chi and Yoga but more disciplined in the art of healing. Qi Gong tells us that cancer is just energy that has become too much for the body, it must transform and the only way to do that is through love…how’s that for looking at something that is trying to take over my body!  What if I send it love? If love conquers all, why not cancer? Haven’t all the great spiritual masters said…AND THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE?

My continued belief is that true healing comes from God, or the Universe, Love Essence or whatever name we give to that which is bigger than ourselves. Keeping that in the forefront is my goal every day and I’m doing my part to recognize and act upon what is being gently placed and at times thrown onto my path. Taking the time and finding something to be grateful for and joyful about is what gives my existence on planet earth meaning.

Life is terminal…what we learn, how we love, live and give along the way is everlasting.

I’m realizing that putting the thoughts that have been racing through my head a tangible place to exist is incredibly therapeutic. I continue to give thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


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