A Very Merry Christmas

December 21, 2016

Good News…Good News! Chemo #3 is done, now waiting for the side effects to wear off and looking forward to a wonderful Christmas. More Good News – the last blood tests revealed that my counts are good.  My tumor markers have gone down, I have been pain-free for the last 3 weeks and Vignesh says I’m ‘rocking’ the chemo. I am so appreciative of the fact that he is supportive of my use of complementary treatments. I continue with acupuncture, Qi Gong meditation, long (and short) walks with Tess, supplements, anti inflammatory diet, energy healing and simply taking in the love and support being sent my way.

My brain is having trouble focusing so I will attempt to keep this short.  One more Carbo/Alimta infusion scheduled for January 10 then hopefully moving on to Alimta maintenance every 3 weeks depending on what the PET scan tells us. We will schedule that after chemo #4 on the 10th. I will also have a power port installed (sounds like I’m preparing for time travel) as my veins are rebelling. This will make it much easier for the medical team who cringe when they look at my tiny veins and I suffer through 4+ attempts to get a line in.

I send loving Christmas wishes your way along with my eternal gratitude for your continued prayers and good wishes. May we all be in awareness and give thanks for the miracles that happen, great and small, every single day.


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