Rainy Days and Mondays

May 3, 2021

It seems unusual for those of us in Denver to have two days of rain in a row.  Overcast skies, consistent drizzle, rarely used umbrellas under the pile of equally rarely used rain gear dug out and put to use.  I remember when I was a kid spending weekends and sometimes weeks in the mountains that surrounded our valley home.  Every afternoon we could count on rain in the mountains, every single afternoon. Our sneakers got wet, our rain ponchos were seldom dry. Today, I’m watching the rain wash away the dust and grime that has settled on the trees and bushes surrounding our home.  Watching tulips emerge from the damp and yielding soil and the trees as they begin pushing their leaves, searching for the sunshine soon to follow is breathtaking.

My latest scans remain stable with more slight reduction in the watched tumors.  We are all very happy with the results the clinical trial drug is producing and hope that I can stay with this treatment for many, many more months.  The side effects remain the same; days of nausea and fatigue followed by days feeling good with varying degrees of both. Each time can be different. I’ll be getting scans again next week along with my every twelve week echocardiogram followed by lucky treatment number thirteen. This will make eight months on DS8201a, a combination of drugs targeting the HER2 receptors on my cancer cells while linking and delivering a chemotherapy drug.

In other news, I’ve been excited about my fellow lung cancer survivor friend Heidi and her husband Pierre’s labor of love, “The White Ribbon Project”.  If you’ve been by my house, you will see a large white ribbon on our front door.  Heidi and Pierre started making these last year for Lung Cancer Awareness Month and very generously delivered them to nearby friends living with lung cancer.  They have now made and delivered hundreds through out the US and it has become an amazing grass roots movement with survivors, caregivers, major cancer centers and oncology teams supporting their efforts.  What’s so special about these white ribbons?  They are a tangible symbol for changing the public perception of lung cancer while raising awareness that anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. You can follow them at #thewhiteribbonproject.

I’ll also be sharing in a later post SURVIVEiT’s latest news and our fundraising efforts for 2021. http://www.surviveit.org.

And finally, I wanted to share with you that our baby grandson is doing GREAT!  He was in the NICU at University Hospital for four weeks, was released to go home with supplemental oxygen and is now thriving without the supplemental support.  He’s growing and showing off his well earned baby rolls and his parents are trying to find time to sleep as this little one likes to keep his sleep schedule a guessing game. Jim and I were able to help out for a week in April and I see many road trips back and forth in our future. Thanks to all who sent messages and prayers throughout his NICU stay. 

Here’s my favorite picture to date of Grammy and Ben. I’m in love…

7 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Ben is a beautiful boy and so fortunate to have made his home with this family. I am thrilled about your trial results and look forward to more good news and BABY PICTURES! ♥️

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  2. Wonderful to see updates on your progress as well as photo of the handsome Ben..his newborn pics were adorable as well. Be well, sweet family… I love you..❤️❤️

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  3. I am so grateful DS8201a is bringing such steady and positive results! You ride the themes and variations of this treatment beautifully, dear Peggy, and continue to live a bright and insightful life. Ben is such a beautiful life force for you all, and I love this photo of his sweet, angelic face and peaceful presence so much. He and those tulips are JUST what we need to launch us fully into the resilience of spring!!!

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  4. I am so thrilled your DS8201a protocol is working so well, and you ride the cycles beautifully! Thanks for the news about the white ribbon project and its great success. AND, little Ben is a sleepy tulip just about to bust open and remind us of the resilience of spring in all her grandeur. Much love to you all ~ Lynnie

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  5. Yay Grandma!!! You have a beautiful way with words and I am beyond thrilled to hear the stable and small news. An inspirstion!!! And I want a white ribbon for my door. Jeep up the fight lady!!!

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  6. Hi Peggy,  Thank you for your recent post.  It was good to hear that the scans are the same, but sorry the sideeffects are still with you.  I saw the big white ribbon on your door.  What a great idea Heidi and Peter came up  with and it’s wonderful how others are supporting their efforts. Thanks also for sharing the great picture of Ben.  I can see why you are in love!!   Karen is here for Mother’s Day and we are having sewer problems.  How’s that for good, bad story?  Weneed some major work done and have had several quotes.  It was stressful so I decided not to think about this weekend.  Nothing is overflowing right now and that is all that matters.   Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day.  I know what an amazing Mother you have been.  Hope we can havea chat soon. Love,Bev


  7. Hello dear Peggy, Ben is absolutely adorable, a little honey. These little people just crack our hearts open to all the light around us – sending you and your family much love and laughter together.

    I am pleased you are responding well to your treatment and hoping side effects are minimal. Your strength is inspiring to me on a daily basis. Love Julie Z xx


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