Over The Moon

February 19,2021

There are dry spells and then life picks up speed.  These past couple of weeks, life has picked up speed… lots of speed. Good speed with good news interspersed with periods of waiting. Waiting for our turn to come around for the Covid19 vaccine. In most States, cancer patients have been delegated to lower phases.  Here is a guest post I wrote for SURVIVEiT about just this issue. 

Trying to get our Colorado Governor’s attention has been, shall we say, somewhat challenging. Patients and advocates have resorted to social media, media and print to do what we can. We aren’t interested in pushing anyone out of line. Our schools need to get opened and our economy back on track.  We are only trying to draw attention to the very real fact that cancer patients, especially lung cancer patients are at a much higher risk for hospitalization and mortality if we do get the virus. This also adds additional burden to our medical facilities. 

Next up on the speed dial is that my last two scans, which are interspersed 6 weeks apart, continue to show stable disease. This is good. I received clinical trial (DS8201a) cycle #9 Thursday and am still dealing with the after affects of steroids, first from pre-meds for the scan on Tuesday and again pre-treatment.  I’m hoping/praying/wishing to be able to sleep tonight. My side effects are becoming somewhat more manageable with anti nausea meds, acupuncture and a new approved supplement. My first ten days are somewhat blah with fatigue/nausea and the last ten to eleven days are much, much better. I am losing my hair again, just holding off shaving it until I can’t deal with the comb-overs and thinning. Third time’s a charm, I got this.

Now for the really, really good news– our first grandchild was born on Wednesday, 2/10/21 !  Early, just 33 weeks, and will be spending his first few weeks of life in the NICU at University Hospital. Our daughter was airlifted down from their home in the mountains while our son-in-law drove at a semi-acceptable speed and got to the delivery room just in time for the final two pushes.  Benjamin Lee was born at 1:49 am, 4 lbs 10.2 ozs and is a champ. He has been taken off the CPAP which was helping him breathe and is now on occasional supplemental oxygen. He’s still figuring out how to nurse while breathing and swallowing at the same time so he has a feeding tube to help him get the nourishment he needs. It’s a lot to throw at a little one from the get go. His parents are doing well, settling into the NICU alternative reality and spending most of their days and evenings hanging out with Ben. We won’t get to hold him until he is released which could be several more weeks, but we get daily pictures and his parents are staying in our lower level so we get personal updates for which we are grateful for. Having them here has been good for all of us in so many ways that it’s hard to describe effectively with words. 

Blessed, exceedingly, over the moon blessed.


First day off CPAP!


9 thoughts on “Over The Moon

  1. We too are over the moon about Benny.! So glad to hear you are making your way with your new medical protocols , and doing it with your usual grace snd courage. Can’t wait to see you all together when the time is right🤗

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  2. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa. I’m over the moon for all of you. Pure joy. Benjamin is a beautiful boy. Good to hear your reports are stable. You continue to amaze me. Hopefully Covid vaccine will be in the near future for you. Sending love and hugs.

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  3. I’m glad to hear from you Ms. Peggy!! It sounds like you & Jim are 2 happy grandparents, give Ms. Lennie a hug from Ceci & me…take care & stay as well as you can. We are all doing fine on Olathe St. “locked” in our house like everyone else…..but we are all well, just a little bored like everyone one else. Going to bed …Carole

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  4. CONGRATULATIONS! !! Being a grandparent is the best!!! Sending prayers that you get the Covid 19 vaccine soon. Hope you get to hold Ben soon! Sending lots of love and hugs!💙💙💙🙏🙏👣👣

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  5. Many congratulations to you all xx This is wonderful news. Benjamin Lee is a lucky boy to have arrived to so much love and such a beautiful family – enjoy each other –

    love Julie Z xx

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  6. Congratulations to all of you! Welcome Benny! You are adorable. Peggy, thanks for the update. I hope you get vaccinated soon. I’m so glad your tumor is stable. My prayers continue. Have fun with your new grandson!

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  7. Rereading your post.. stable is good..nausea..hard..and just blown away at how beautiful your little grandson is! ❤️❤️❤️😍🌺☮️


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