So Much to Learn!

August 1st found me at Biodesix in Boulder. I’ll let them tell you about themselves:

“About Us:

Biodesix provides a more complete picture of a patient’s unique lung disease by harnessing powerful genomic and proteomic information. We develop and deliver innovative, blood-based diagnostics that address unmet clinical needs across the continuum of lung cancer care, from initial detection through palliative care.”

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the Free to Breathe/Lung Cancer Research Foundation to give a lunch and learn presentation at Biodesix to share my story and encourage participation in the upcoming Denver – Free to Breathe Walk. Do I have a gripping story to tell? I think every cancer survivor has a gripping story. Thousands are diagnosed every day and consequently more gripping stories. Sometimes, actually most times, I wish that I had a different gripping story, one that didn’t have the word ‘lung cancer’ on the title page.  So, what am I learning?  For starters, I learned how to put together and deliver a PowerPoint presentation. Suffice it to say that being in front of a crowd is familiar to me, I’ve performed and sung on stage for more than 40 years. But this was much different. This was more intimate, more exposed, more laying it on the line, in some ways more terrifying, gratifying and immediate.

IMG_0003After lunch, I spent time with the Biodesix marketing team and then was given a tour of their state of the art laboratory. Everyone I met was dedicated to advancing lung cancer awareness, diagnostic excellence and lung cancer research. It was truly remarkable and I can see myself using their unique blood based diagnostics if the need arrises for a treatment change. They have much to offer and I am exited about their mission and encouraged by their success.  I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned that day and I’m very grateful to Free to Breathe/Lung Cancer Research Foundation for the opportunity.

Natalie, my Biodesix point-person-extraordinaire, and I looking official in white    lab coats.      ∨                              ∨                         ∨                                 ∨                         ∨IMG_0002

August 6 was my 60th birthday. I never thought I would be so excited about turning 60. YAY, I made it to 60! On the other hand, OMG… I’m 60!  My birthday evening was spent at the JW Marriott attending the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation‘s: Lung Cancer Living Room.  Some might think this would be a questionable use of birthday celebration time, but not me, at least not this year. On stage was Dr. Ross Camidge, Dr. Dara Aisner and Dr. Chad Rusthoven from the University of Colorado along with patient advocate Janet Freeman-Daily. Two+ hours of hearing the latest from the greatest as well as meeting other survivors and those focused on research and advocacy.  What the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation is doing is phenomenal.  Lung Cancer Living Room’s are offered throughout the country and these events are very well attended and watched on YouTube and FaceBook live.  Please check out their website to get the full overview of what this philanthropic organization is doing to empower patients while supporting important lung cancer research and awareness.  And this is the link for the August 6th Lung Cancer Living Room if you are interested: .

There is much happening in the overwhelming world of lung cancer. Every day, strides are being made in early detection, new and evolving research, new treatments and overall awareness. To be honest, two years ago I neither knew nor cared beyond a passing interest.

Today, I know and I care. Very much.


Here is the link to my team ‘The Possibilities’ if you would like to join us and/or donate to the Denver- Free to Breathe Walk, Sunday, October 7, 2018.

Biodesix will have their own team representing as well!

And this is the link to Lung Cancer Research Foundation’s website so you can see where the dollars raised from the Denver – Free to Breathe Walk will be going:

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