Lung Cancer Awareness Month



*When I began my research into lung cancer research funding, I checked out where and how our federal government cancer research dollars were being spent as well as who was doing private research funding. What did I find when it came to where our federal monies are being spent? The monies spent are not proportional when it comes to cancer deaths per year.

Remember the statistics about the #1 cancer killer? I’ll refresh your memory.

Lung Cancer kills approximately 155,870 people per year in the U.S.

For comparison sake: Deaths per year in the U.S.

Breast Cancer – 41,070.

Prostate Cancer- 26,730.

Colorectal Cancer- 50,260.

What rocked my world is not only the sheer number of lives lost to lung cancer but also the disparity when it comes to federal funding.

Current U.S. Federal Research Funding Per Death:

Breast Cancer – $19,941.00

Prostate cancer – $14,178.00

Colorectal cancer – $6,470.00

Lung cancer – $2,399.00…/FreetoBreathe_FactSheet_2017…

What I want to shine a light on by making these comparisons is that when we look at the success rate of the breast cancer awareness, funding and research campaigns for example, we see that research funding directly impacts survival rates.

I’m waving my ‘NO FAIR’ card. Lung Cancer disproportionately kills more people than any one single cancer in the WORLD.

I want more funding.

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