Walking and Waiting

October, 13, 2016

I have been remiss in updating…The Free to Breathe Walk on October 2 was a huge success! Thanks to all who came out to support lung cancer awareness and raised funds to support research and patient programs.  There were over 600 total walkers and Team – The POSSIBILITIES, raised almost $2,500.00 with 40 team members! My great thanks to all who participated.


Kate and Caitlyn brought over my Mala Project last Friday. Now that the tears have subsided, I have been able to look at and hold each and every beautifully intentioned bead. The Mala is exquisite! I am taking my time reading your cards and hold them near and dear to my heart. I know this beautiful piece of wearable art will help sustain me when I need bolstering.


We are still waiting for test results…truly a lesson in patience. After the last biopsy, there was enough tissue to complete two cell blocks. My Oncologist suggested that we send one block to a company called FoundationOne where over 315 tests can be run to even further pinpoint what and how, my particular cancer is manifesting. If all goes to plan, we will hear back from them next week and then a treatment plan will begin. I am still praying that targeted therapy or immunotherapy can be used.  These last few weeks have seemed like the calm before the storm and I have been dedicated to taking advantage of the active moments.  In the past weeks, my symptoms have not increased and I have been feeling great. Green tea, turmeric, Omega 3’s and an anti-inflammatory diet along with acupuncture, walking, workouts, meditation and energy work have been my treatment of choice. I know that the healthier I am going into treatment, the better the outcome and I am committed to staying around for many more years.

I’ll update again when the results come in and we have a plan. Thank you again for your continued prayers and good wishes.



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