Something About Caterpillars and Opposable Thumbs


February 1, 2017

Consult with Vignesh yesterday resulted in truly wonderful news.  As reported earlier, the pleural metastasis and pleural effusion has completely resolved and it looks like the lymph node involvement has resolved as well! There is reduction in the primary tumor and the SUV uptake in that tumor is half of what it was in August. There was talk about radiating this tumor but we decided to take the wait and see approach and resume talks after my next PET scan to be scheduled at the end of March. Until then, I will continue with Alimta maintenance every three weeks which will be much easier on my body, mind and spirit as well as continuing my complementary therapies. Once we get the tumor markers back, we will decide if another MRI of my brain is warranted.

It’s time now to take a breath and give thanks to all of you, my incredible support team, and give special recognition to my rock, my ground, my love, my hubby. He has been beside me every step of the way and along with my dear family are my focus and my strength.  My extended family and  friends have been beyond incredible as well, going above and beyond, my heart if truly welling with love for you all.

I am loving our new home and am looking forward to Spring and watching the new plants emerge, working in the dirt and relishing in the beauty that surrounds me. Until then, I continue to hibernate as Winter dictates and delve deeply into this experience. I have no doubt that I will continue to beat the odds. Love above all reigns supreme and your prayers and good wishes mean the world to me and are beyond doubt, contributing to my healing.

On another personal note, I am in desperate need of a primer for putting on these ##%&^%#^ false eyelashes! It’s like gluing caterpillars to my eyelids without opposable thumbs. This is most definitely a lesson in vanity 🙂


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