Movies and Metaphors

IMG_5413January 9, 2017

Remember at the beginning of the movie ‘The Matrix’ when Neo is asked to choose between the red pill and the blue pill?  The blue pill would take him back to ‘life’ as he knew it and the red pill would awaken him to the truth about The Matrix. Being our hero, Neo swallows the red pill and awakens suffocating and fighting for his life, jumping into a reality he never dreamed existed.
I feel gypped, like I didn’t get a choice – red pill or blue pill… totally unfair.

Fast forward to Neo and crew strapped down in chairs plugged into a portal plug-in located at the back of their heads which takes them to an alternate reality to wage the battle of good vs evil. Since I am dwelling in metaphor land,  I also have a new ”Power Port’ and while I am in my chair, I am transported to a reality where my port is delivering life saving medicine that will give me super human powers just like Neo, Trinity, Tank and Morpheus, transforming this cancer and giving me more time to further expand on musings about life.

Without the blow-by-blow reprisal of the movie let me just move to the transformative end even though that means leaving out the appearance and the importance of those helping Neo along the way. No Hero’s Journey is complete without those important people in our lives. Our loved ones, friends and even those put in our lives to challenge the status quo…no we can’t forget any of them nor could we do it without them.

And so to continue my rather long and rambling narrative, Neo like Dorothy finds that when he is at his absolute lowest, he discovers the truth of what he is capable of, has been capable of all along. He finds the power in HIS ruby glass slippers and returns ‘home’. I think I might have to look for an actual pair of ruby glass slippers as a totem during my skip down the yellow brick road, as if I needed a reminder. Or maybe I need that cool computer program where Neo learns how to walk through walls, leap tall buildings and move with the speed of light. I have truly digressed with my update…

My port was inserted on Friday, no complications just sore and a bit bruised.  The hope is that now my life’s blood can be accessed for draws and infusions more easily.  I am also hoping that tomorrow the lovely nurse Shannon will have some good numbing agents on hand as I’m afraid I might resort to physical violence when she pushes a sharp object into my already bruised flesh. Thank goodness Jim will be along to keep me out of jail while continuing to be my rock, my love and reminding me that tomorrow is infusion #4 and the last one of it’s type.

Chemo #3 was harder on my GI tract than 1&2 and it seems that in the last couple of days my hiaital hernia might be reacting badly to the drugs that both kill the cancer cells as well as other fast dividing cells residing in the GI tract. Vignesh will order another PET scan in 2-3 weeks so we can see how well the magic medicine has been working.

That’s my update. I am getting used to my short thin hair and can now be seen in many of the scarves that have been silently hanging for years in the back of my closet whose new job it is to cover my funny looking port site… portal!


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