Happy Dancing

Yesterday I had my PET/CT scan. Initially, I was told that it would take 3 business days to get the results so when my cell phone rang this afternoon with Vignesh’s caller ID, I felt my knees go weak. Now, because the Universe has a sense of humor it was only right that I would receive this potentially earth shattering news while standing in Sally Beauty Supply buying false eyelashes for my nearly bald eyelids. Let’s just say that chemo is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to hair. 
I could tell right away that the news was good because my super ninja oncologist had a lilt in his voice at ‘hello’. In his words: ‘I have good news about your scan. There has been tumor shrinkage and the pleural metastasis and pleural effusion seems to be completely gone.’ We were both doing the happy dance – me in Sally Beauty Supply, surrounded by a variety of hair care and beauty products, and he somewhere more private I’m sure. 
Next Tuesday with questions in hand and long lush eyelashes glued in place, Jim and I will meet with Vignesh to discuss and plan our next step. 
Thank you for your continued prayers, love and good wishes, they are working!

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