August 28, 2016

What we know so far is that I do not have either of the three most common gene mutations EGFR, KRAS, or ALK. Testing for other possible mutations is still being done and we should hear something this week. I was assured that targeted treatment and immunotherapy are still possibilities depending on what other mutations might be found.

Last Sunday was the Race for Research and the walk had a completely surreal feel to it. I am now one of those faces of cancer. How can that be???  For those of you who have urged me to look into the website ‘The Truth About Cancer’, I have been watching the videos. To say that I am even more confused by what my choices are is an understatement. However, I know when more than one  suggests…

It has been a full and slightly disjointed week. I tried paddle boarding on Monday for the first time. Friends are making sure I have plenty of opportunities for walks, coffee, lunches and unpacking. Having my parents in town for a few days was wonderful. Singing last night was difficult and beautiful all at the same time. My thoughts are running amok and yet I am also centered. I’d like to believe that I am a fairly stable person but this space I am currently occupying is completely foreign to me. A friend and client who has successfully dealt with multiple myeloma for the past 5 years said to me, ‘Cancer is an amazing teacher. It will teach you much in ways you cannot predict.’ What am I being taught today and every day for that matter? Let Go, Trust and Live in the Moment. This ONE MOMENT contains all possibilities. Oh, and I am re-reading a book that I read a couple of years ago called ‘Dying to be Me’, the significance astounds me.

I did say that my thoughts have been slightly disjointed – didn’t I?

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