2018….It’s 2018!

January 1, 2018

I heard someone make a statement the other day on the radio about making New Year’s resolutions. He said that resolutions are important because they require us to set goals. Goals are like guide wires for success. But for goals to be attainable, we have to remember to remember that at the end of the previous year we thought we needed a new goal. This is where sticky notes come in. Colorful reminders plastered on mirrors and doors, in closets and refrigerators, on dashboards and rear view mirrors reminding us that we set a goal to be attained in 365 days. I can recall several New Year’s resolutions I made and wished I hadn’t. These I conveniently forgot about when the sticky notes lost their sticky.

So what made the potential New Year’s resolution list this year? Well, it’s not in my best interest to loose weight (never thought I’d ever say those words) so we can cross that oldie but goodie off the list. Can you make a resolution to grow more hair? Eyelashes in particular if anyone has any ideas. I could use more flexibility… yoga maybe? How about – take more vacations, sleep more, learn a new language, make at least one new recipe per week for dinner, drink more water, spend more time outdoors, take up a new hobby and while we’re at it, why not discover the cure for cancer.

All worthy options but none made the final cut.

2017 came and went without making a resolution. 2017 was mostly about gaining knowledge, and chemo and side effects and scans. 2018 is beginning with me knowing that my last scan didn’t detect any active cancer.  Yes, I’m still in treatment every 3 weeks and there will still be chemo and side effects and scans for the time being. But, 2018 begins with more knowledge, more peace, more love, more passion for life and less fear.

So my chosen resolution for 2018 is…fear less. I resolve to live life fearlessly.

It’s time to buy more sticky notes.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Loving and Successful goal oriented New Year!


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